Guitar lessons for beginners

At Guitar Lessons Orange County, our goal with beginner lessons is to get them introduced to the vital fundamentals of guitar as well as help them begin to develop an understanding of the overall structure of music and how it”s “ingredients” are assembled and work together. We help beginner students move swiftly towards the point where they are playing along with the music they love, while understanding what they are hearing at a much deeper level. As much attention is paid to fun as is paid to progress, in the interest of making learning guitar as rewarding as it is supposed to be.

guitar chords for beginners

Getting started on guitar lessons as a beginner, students begin by learning the basic core fundamentals of guitar playing, as well as the overall basics of the guitar itself. These fundamentals range from learning the names of the strings and how to hold a pick, to learning the open position major and minor chords on which a huge majority of the rock and pop music of any era is based.

In a relatively short amount of time, the student will have these chords memorized and will be applying different strumming and picking patterns to various chord progressions, while learning to count rhythm and play these progressions in time with a specified tempo. Once the student has arrived at this point and the bones, joints and muscles in their hands and wrists have begun to develop the increased hand-strength necessary to play a stringed instrument efficiently, they will quickly move into learning full songs. While usually selected by the student, each song will be learned for a purpose based on how the song can be applied to specific things the student needs to improve on at that particular stage, ensuring consistent progress. Learning songs that the student enjoys is an important factor in keeping guitar lessons for beginners fun, an obviously vital aspect of learning an instrument seeing as how nothing will make a beginning guitar student quit faster than being made to feel like they are back in algebra class.